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Hi! My name is Anna, "You'd really like me if you got to know me. I've known me for years and I love me."

An open letter to STGRB

I needed to get it out. Here it comes:


Dear STGRB, it's like you took a damn degree in antagonizing. I’m sorry if I behaved in a way that made you feel I should apologize.


I ain’t afraid of nothing except jellyfish which is completely normal. I also want you to know I practice selective deafness to hurtful remarks, so I won't be intimidated. I'd advise you to do the same. You're all taking the world awfully personally. 


What struck me, is that you seem literally unable to understand a written message. You see what you want, where you want and go into a 'holy rage mode' that brings nothing into a conversation. I find it twice as frightening as Darth Vader glued to a shark.



When people were panicking about STGRB I didn't get it. Now I do. From what I saw you're incapable of having a dialogue (it's about as likely to happen, as I am to give birth to a live albatross). No matter how politely, calmly and respectfully people behave, you keep raging on. We left. We didn't try to contact you. We kept to ourselves. We didn't go after you, you came after us. I don't know what could alleviate my frustration with this ongoing situation.We wanted to live this mess behind! I want to stop hearing about it all. Enough is enough. Right now "I don’t want to talk to you unless you’re a taxi or a doorman or somebody disguised as a baccardi breezer. Leave me alone." I think many of us feel the same way.



My friends could confirm that I don't like insulting people. I’m practically a human embodiment of Whinnie the Pooh! I always try to speak about an issue, not a person. I try to stay open-minded, look at things from different perspectives. I also believe in freedom of expression. I recognize people's right to interpret (yes, you're entitled to get everything wrong, and so am I), but remember, the moment you are 100% convinced you're right, you can no longer learn, and will act like a pompous cretin. The way STGRB lot  behaves requires a level of delusion/egomania usually reserved for popes and drag queens. I personally believe aggression and insults have no place in a civilized discourse. Ever. I want this situation peacefully resolved, but so far a mutual, weirdly cheerful loathing seems to prevail.

I also must inform you, that I can't ignore certain things because they're cumbersome. It's not like I'm in congress. So don't ask me not to read certain internet articles about authors because they're inconvenient. Don't expect me to choose my friends based on someone else's claims, rather than their actions towards me and others. Don't try to force me to bite my tongue whenever I'm disappointed or angry with a book or a person. And don't try to emotionally blackmail reviewers. That's just unsightly. We are what we are; we love what we love. We don't need to justify it to anyone... not even to ourselves.


STGRB, the only thing we seem to have in common so far is a chronic addiction to oxygen. I'm on a mission to civilize, so I won't call you any names, what  would that accomplish? Yet I want you to know that however damned foolish I think you're being, you do have a right to your own judgement. I don't like the judgement, but I'll respect the right, all the way to my grave.That's the way I am. But in exchange, I reserve a right to judgements of my own.


If you have any more venom to spit out, I'll be there sharply at go fuck yourself o'clock. After all, poison is only contagious at dinner parties.


*(I simply couldn't force myself to be completely PC, I want to make clear I mock actions and behaviours, not people themselves. I don't now them. I only observed a few internet conversations and read some articles - those I condemn.)







PS. Thank you, for removing my name from your 'black list', but the mere fact it got there is disconcerting. It left a bad taste in my mouth.This is how you lose credibility. How am I to know other listed users aren't just a mistake too? Actually, I know for a fact some of them are!


I do understand bullying is a problem. Horrible people do exist and should be dealt with, but recklessly pointing fingers doesn't help your cause. Also diminishing the meaning of the word 'bullying' cannot possibly be kindly received. By applying it incorrectly you belittle all the people that were victims of real abuse. I'm not saying none of you were on a receiving end of it, merely that far too often it's an exaggeration.


PPS: To all wonderful Booklikes users I want to say thank you for your support and words of kindness. I sincerely hope we can build a strong, peaceful and fun community of book lovers. After all, this is our natural habitat. I feel most at home among fellow readers and am able to connect with them through this page.Your passion is admirable. Many of you aren't afraid to speak with conviction. To take a stand. To act on your values, because" If you don't stick to your values when they're being tested, they're not values, they're hobbies." Thank you for that. Usually people grumble, mumble and obey. We didn't take it lying down.That's something to be proud of.


Now let's move on, start reading, and fill this site with wonderful, honest reviews.


May the forces of evil become confused on the way to your houses.



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