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Read during an intense exam session at my uni. WARNING! The incoming review may not be very objective.

Declaration of Courtship: A Psy/Changeling Novella - Nalini Singh

word count: 30 /35 000

rating: no nonsense, a short romance that goes right to the point



*My rating takes into account the length and what can be expected of the story like this.The limitations.


Writing: Nalini Singh spoiled me. Sometimes I forget how good she is, and then I start reading Looking for Alaska and become aware of the differences in style. Just saying.


Characters: Finally! A romance between a submissive and a dominant! I've been waiting for this one since book one. Why? Because reading about all those strong, dominant, or simply uber powerful characters makes you question some of the supposed dynamics of the pack. You know, the whole 'everybody's important, submissives have their place'. So it was nice.


Story: One of the benefits of having a submissive heroine was that, even though the story is short, it focuses on developing a relationship, rather than having one out of nowhere. She couldn't just jump into a relationship with a powerful lieutenant; her wolf would grovel in submission. That's why he had to ease her into it. And that was nice too.



10 2