AnHeC (I'm too fucking busy and vice versa)

Hi! My name is Anna, "You'd really like me if you got to know me. I've known me for years and I love me."

Big news, unrelated to books, but I'm out of my mind with joy :D

Part of the reason why I'm so busy (apart from teaching at school, studying teaching 2 languages (out of which I didn't know one at all)) was that I was trying to arrange my Erasmus student exchange. New program is in place, and with it, new paperwork and chaos. It's been insane, but today I can finally say I'm 99% positive I'm going :D It's big, because I'm from a poor country and Norway is expensive. Very expensive. I was almost certain I simply won't be able to afford it. And now it looks good ^^ With a nice scholarship and a my own room in a dorm. So I'm a bit hyped right now (squealing like a slaughtered pig). It's so nice when things in your life work out ^^ So, in August I'll be starting a new semester in Norway! Hurray me!




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