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Awww. THAT was IT.

Heart of Obsidian - Nalini Singh

word count: about 118 000

rating: If that is what you were looking for, you've found it


Some of the books in this series were better, some were worse, but this one is a jackpot.



Now, every rating I give has to be perceived in context. I'm not trying to say that this book is a work of art that will be analysed in schools in upcoming decades, but It succeeds in what it's trying to be. If you're looking for a paranormal romance, that's it.

*has to be read as a part of the series. You can't just start with this one.


Loved the characters, loved the story (even though, as we all know, there isn't much of that in a romance novel), loved the world, loved how everything connects. It was fun. That's all I have to say.







17 5