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Sarcastic take on history - much fun

An Utterly Impartial History of Britain - John O'Farrell

Rating: Great fun, especially when you're drunk


WARNING: before reading this book you should be fully aware what you're getting yourself into. Otherwise you may wind up disappointed/angry/bored...


I've found this gem in my favourite British Studies library and just had to grab it. I've been reading it on and off for 2-3 months. Why this long? Was it that bad? No. But this is a type of book that reads great in chunks.


Author doesn't go into too much details. He just gives you a sarcastic run-down of events (how funny you find it depends on your sense of humour and how well you know history of the British Isles).



- If you don't know the history you may not understand what he's talking about.

- the book contains a lot of information, too much to take in in one go. And I mean A LOT. A flood of names, dates, and places.

- when you read too much it stops being funny (humour becomes repetitive, then tiring, then annoying)


That said, I've thoroughly enjoyed this book. Red in small chunks it's a great fun. I firmly believe that reading it in one go would ruin the fun (and must admit that I enjoyed those short bursts of history fun. Made my days a bit better)



It's not very informative, a rather superficial take (but hey, what do you expect in a book that deals with 2000 years of history?) This is not a book to be taken seriously!  Also, the author presents a simplified view of the events (To say the least. Sometimes he's just... wrong. There's no other way to put it.) So I wouldn't advise you to take every word as a fact worth being craved in stone. 



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