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Still got it - an apetizing rehash.

Trust in Me - J. Lynn

word count: about 80 000
rating: a fun rehash

Does this book bring something new into the story? Nope.
Have I enjoyed it? YEAH! HELL YEAH!

Why not 5*****? Because no matter how good the story if you don't bring a significantly new material to the table I won't give it a 5. That's life.

Why did i like it? Because we get to see Cam's POV. And it makes me love him 100 times more - he's not a saint. In the first book he might have seemed so perfect like he was trying for sainthood. Here we see that's not the case.

a) It's not an insta-love. At first he looks at Avery like a normal guy 'hey! It's a hot chick!' Then he gets curious and sees her as a challenge. Love, the 'you're my entire world love' doesn't just waltz in during their second (or better, first) encounter. In fact, it never makes an appearance. Apart from the fact that there's no story, this is the most realistic love I've seen in a looooong time. It's so reasonable, so down to earth. Nothing grand or ridiculous going on. Things make sense.

b) Cam is just a normal guy. I know he seemed like a saint. I know. But once we get a peek inside his head we see he's as close to normal as it gets. The author somehow struck a balance between honorauble, moral, caring, loving AND fun, easy-going, partying, down-to-earth, normal guy. He's not tortured, brooding, crazy-possesive, agressive, controlling, jealous, emo, sleazy, slut-shaming, man-whore, selfish, hateful, spiteful... None of the usual suspects. No grand declarations of undying love. No shit that's beyond the scope of normal, human emotions.

Now, don't get me wrong, he's still perfect, only now within the realm of possibility. Someone like that could actually exist. And I'd marry him.

Plus his view point is less tortured, less hectic (for obvious reasons).

I'd recommend this to people that want a re-read and liked the first book. Don't dive into it straight after finishing 'Wait for you'. That would be too repetitive.

To sum up - now I love Cam even more. I love him, because he's a balanced, normal individual. Yes, his a good person, but no, he doesn't fall into an obsession for no good reason in 0.009s.


I'm not entirely sure what about this story makes me so happy, but something does. I guess it's just my kind of story. Sue me.

8 1