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A form of self mutilation

Tangle of Need (Psy-Changeling, #11) - Nalini Singh

word count: almost 150 000 (are you shitting me?!)

rating: a form of self mutilation (you maim your sense of fun, read at your own risk)

Fuck you. That's right, you heard me! Fuck this. Fuck that. And fuck that stupid table while we're at it. Fuck everything. The very existence of this book is a betrayal.

From a few subtle hints you might have guessed I'm a bit ticked off. And for a good reason. This book was horrible in some major ways and felt 300 000 words long. As far as main love story is concerned I'd give it 2 stars. The book got saved (from being a total flop) by a few things:

- Sienna and Hawke: I love them, so I enjoyed reading about them

- revisiting other pairs: those segments may be very short, but are much fun (and most of all, when we see them things happen, like, you know, STUFF gets done or something)

- Arrows: there's still aura of mystery surrounding their actions; makes me very curious

- action in the net: shit is going down in the most delicious and exciting way

The bigger plotline was the lone saving grace of this book. Unfortunately it was too little too late. What did I tell you about pointless dramatic/romantic dialogue with no plot? With nothing happening? For fucking half a book? FUCK NO! Did you hear me? 70 000 words of pure bullshit!!! OF NOTHING!!! Followed by 80 000 more? FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK! I've read complete, amazing stories that were about that length! You know how long The Hobbit is? About 80 000 words! And A LOT happens there. So now you can fully comprehend how fucked up The Tangle of Need is. There. In your face. 150 000 torturous words.

Half of the book nothing happens. And then, when things finally begin to pick up pace... we are repetitively hit in the face wit the Ram of Inane Hogwash. You get up, a bit confused, a bit bloody and try to run once more, and BAM! IN YOUR FACE AGAIN! Do you think it's a game? Ha? HA!? 'You thought the book would finally get good? Muahahahaha! Dance, dance puppet, while I keep kicking you in the legs and laugh at your desperate attempts to move forward'. I hate you Nalini Singh. Right now, I truly do. I hate you so much it gives me energy.

Now, I don't want you to misunderstand. You don't need a life-or-death situations to be able to say that there's a plot. I happen to enjoy a vast range of different book genres. I do. But inner monologues about feeeeeelings and lurv and drama-lama-streem-of-consciousnes does not count as an event. And doing all that out loud, in a dialogue, does not turn it into a story. Vacuous crap, that's what we get there. You know what, I've changed my mind. It deserves fucking two stars (initially I gave it 3). The more I think about it, the more I'm pissed of. How dare you wast my time like with anything less than your very best!

And that's not even all of it...

This book failed on many levels. The romance (the most unconvincing piece of gibberish in the whole Psy-Changeling world *slow clap*), Adria, the pacing of 'action', the 'plot' (or rather lack there of), Adria, disrupted world-building (now, that's a nice one, good job Nalini, you've kind off ruined your fictional world), characters themselves, Adria, things said about characters in narration that didn't have reflection in their actions and words, Adria ... Fuck it. I'm too angry to go on about it. But it's a major fuck-up.

If there's a one book in the series I'd recommend NOT reading, that's it. Someone should do the world a favour, sum um the action, the important stuff and allow others to skip this monstrosity.

9 4