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Far better than I expected.

Broken Beauty - Lizzy Ford, Chloe Adams

Word count: a very short novella

Rating: I don't necessarily love the banana in the box, but damn, what a realistic banana that is


*ARC provided by NetGalley*



I need a special tag for books in which you're not supposed to necessarily love the main character. I'll think of something soon, it needs to be done. Any suggestions?


I can enjoy a well written book about complex characters without them being the pinnacle of perfection. And that's the case with this one.


What do we get here:

A sheltered, naive teenage girl form a wealthy family of politicians. It entails what you'd expect: difficult family relations, fucked-up priorities, rape... The whole fun package.


We see her dealing (or not) with the situation. I found her reactions satisfyingly realistic. No silly bullshit here. Her trauma is the point, not a starting place for luv to happen. Rape affects her. Even though she's painfully naive (and stupid, but hey, I have high standards) I felt for her. She's not evil, just selfish and childish. And now she's hurt and doesn't know how to cope.


I want the rest of the book! This tantalizing snippet was far to short for my taste. I expected to hate it, and ended up pleasantly surprised. If you have a bit of free time it may be worth reading despite being so short.

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