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The quest for utter stupidity continues!

Real  - Katy Evans

MC is finally a bit worried about his guy and confronts her friend (said friend gave him her phone number; I mean she just said it and he didn't write it down, but details, details...). MC is worried she's going to end up murdered in a ditch. A valid concern, I should say. What does her slutty friend say? (yes, slut shaming has already began)


"That's never going to happen to someone who's takes as many self-defence classes as you".  Do I need to remind you the guy is a fucking boxing champion?!



Back to the land of stupid quotes:


"No, I'm not against having sex at all, but relationships are complicated, and I don't  have the emotional equipment right now to deal with any of it. I'm still a little broken from my all and trying to..." Yes. I need to get a new emotional equipment too.


Oh, and she was an athlete. A runner at that. Have you ever seen them? All those muscles? I wonder how the author is going to get around it. Will she make her a perfect picture of femininity with huge boobs? Probably.


The "friendship" is bizarre. MC thinks of her bestie as a slut. Said bestie says to her "You made Twitter, you whore. That was supposed to be me." How charming. Yes, call your friend a whore, because she got sexually assaulted. 


Said "fiend" also knows all her passwords and feels free to just grab her phone to see if psycho has contacted her.


"But I was sure he had areal big craving for Hooky with Brookey last night." WTF?! Kill it with fire! Hearing her voice in my head makes my head hurt.


Psycho has 2.3 million twitter followers ... A very underground illegal fighter indeed. Generally I don't think the author understands the concept of illegal fighting and what goes with it. It's not advertised all over internet with an option of buying tickets online.


Also how did this fucking woman find her to deliver those tickets to her (a gift from Riptide)? She went for a run with a friend + a guy has no idea where she lives. Yes, let's keep the stupidity rolling.