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Hi! My name is Anna, "You'd really like me if you got to know me. I've known me for years and I love me."

I can't. Not a single coherent paragraph in sight. (I'm laughing non-stop)

Real  - Katy Evans

 5% or something...


"God, I can't even breathe right, and I'm as coiled up as a cobra in a corner of the back seat of a taxi, staring  blindly out the window at the passing city lights, desperate to vent from the sensations spinning inside my body" Let's take a moment to appreciate sheer absurdity of this sentence.


I can't post updates. Don't even know how I'll review this book. Normally I'd choose the worst quotes and events, but in this case it's impossible. I'd have to quote the whole fucking thing. LITERALLY (and I mean literally-literally).


She knows he got banned from official sport (for brutality and shit) and is a bit worried about her unnatural reaction to the guy. What does her friend say?


"Okay, seriously, you need to get out more. Remingron Tate may have a bad rap, but he's sexier than sin, Brooke. Yes, he was banned for poor conduct because he's naughty, wicked boy. Look, who knows what shit went on in his personal life? All I know is it was god-awful and made a couple of headlines, and now nobody even cares. He's the favorite in the Underground League, and all kinds of fight clubs adore him. They're packed with girls when he's on."


Also, I have no idea in what world is getting cornered by an aggressive stranger, grabbed by the neck and kissed against your will "like porn with the romance".







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