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Sorry, if I can make a bad pun using a title, I do.


Remington 'Riptide' Tate ... Really? Really?! That's the best you've got.


It didn't take too long. This book is insistent on not making sense from page two (or one, but lets not be too harsh).


What is a good place for romantic sparks to fly? A boxing match! You may think it's not, but wait! It's an underground, illegal, dangerous boxing match. Now that makes it all better. Why is our MC there? A friend talked her into it. Why? because said friend thinks one of the fighters is cute. Why didn't MC refuse to go despite not having a stomach for violence? "... she begged me to come with her and watch him. It's just hard to say no to Melanie. She's effusive and insistent, and now she's jumping in glee".


Can I give up already? A messed up punctuation (if I see it, it's really bad) + what's up with this sentence structure (?!) + utter stupidity.


I had to refer to a dictionary to see if "effusive" means what I think it means. You see, this sentence doesn't make sense. Melanie is effusive and insistent. So what? That doesn't mean you have to do what she tells you. That's not a coherent explanation. It's like: two monks cross a river; one says to the other 'I'm hungry' and the man responds 'oh yeah, but I'm quite tall'.


The announcer introduces our lovely Remington and the crowd goes wild. Which would be fine. Except "...especially the women, and their eager shouts tumble one atop the other". Lets forget this awfully awkward sentence structure for a moment (I know it's hard, but try harder). How many women attend illegal boxing matches? As far as I know girls don't really love mindless violence. Not as much as man do. I'd assume there'd be virtually none.



What do they shout?


"Remy! I love you, Remy!" That's very appropriate. *sarcasm* It's not a Justin Bieber concert. Just stop it.


"I'll suck your cock for you, Remy!" He must be using axe! How else could he get such insane reactions?


"REMY, POUND ME, REMY!" That's a very dangerous thing to shout at a boxing match. He may take you literally.


"Remington I want your Riptide" Last time I checked boxers didn't get their nicknames for sexual prowess. But who cares! Definitly not that kitten in heat.

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