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Give me the next one! - that was an amazing roller-coaster. (The Riyria Revelations #5)

Wintertide - Michael J. Sullivan

Word count: about 90 000

(The Riyria Revelations, #5)


I really should write this review, since I've already started the next one and will soon forget, like, everything.


This is the fifth book in the Ryria Revelations series, which has 6 parts. Which meant the tension would grow and things would get fucked up set up for a grand finale. Yes, I'm an emotional reader. After 7 books characters kind of grew on me, so I felt for them (5 + two prequels, 'cause hey, NetGalley)




I'd like to make a few short points before you move on with your life:


1. Action. Lots of it. A real roller-coaster of successes and failures that makes it an exciting, engaging ride.


2. Near the end it's all so full of win like...




3. And then....





How dare you!? Do you think you'll be able make it up to me Mr. Sullivan? Ha? HA?! No! You can't! If I haven't read the prequels I wouldn't feel half as bad about... stuff. But I did, damn it (A really good decision, by the way. Starting with the prequels, that is).


4. So in the end it had a right balance between our heroes powning on the world and the world making them its bitches.


I'm a bit emotionally confused, not sure whether I'm squealing with joy or about to flip a table and cry (props to Sullivan)




5. I trully feel a big, shocking plot to come. I still haven't figured it all out. Good. Keeps me on my toes.



6. A bonus round - Sir Breckon --> chivalry + romance (kind off) *giggles*


Have I just giggled? Yep. This is how you do it. If the whole book was like that I'd throw up. But those tiny pieces mixed with intrigues and a great cast of characters are a nice, colourful addition. Cool to meet one, oh so proper, knight.






So why not five stars? Not entirely my ideal book "While for an adult audience, The Riyria Revelations lacks sex, gratuitous violence and profanity, making it appropriate for readers thirteen and older". I love profanity. Not all the time, but once in a while it adds colour. Violence? There's quite a bit, and author isn't squeamish about our heroes killing bad guys. Sex? No explicit descriptions, but I don't want them. That's not why I'm here.


Jokes. For me a book must be funny, preferably sarcastic. That's a big miss for me.


It's just not my ideal. But is it great? Yes.


9 8