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My government is detached from reality - let's kill the Polish readership!

You've got to be shitting me...


Not so long ago our government decided that books should be taxed (they were pretty much tax-free, which was supposed to keep the prices down and encourage people to read). Aaaaand it's gone. Let's slam a new, pretty  tax on top of the price! BAM!


But are we done yet? Noooo. There's so much more to fuck up! I know what we can do - let's pass a law that forces all book-stores to sell publications at the price set by a publisher for a period of time lasting up to 1,5 year. No discounts, no promotions, no nothing. Perfect!


They're actually talking about passing that law! They say:


"The goal is to raise readership levels throughout the country by making books available everywhere and presenting a more varied offer"




"This law will raise the number of bookstores, currently small local shops are loosing a  fight to big companies (...) Competing won't any longer be about prices"


Just fuck you all. Really? Really. People go to big chains because they're big. Even with equal prices, convenience and habit would prevail. All that new law will accomplish is a decrease in sales. 


I'm sorry, but I don't see how that is supposed to encourage anyone to read. It may be more fair to  bookstores, but not to the readers. Prices are already very high. Stop it. It's already cheaper for me to buy a paperback from amazon and freaking have it shipped (to a different continent. Over an Ocean.) than to go to a local store.

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