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My history of British literature class - a 'promising' start

Today we had a first lecture, and teacher told us what we're supposed to 'read' for the next class. It went something like this:


"In two weeks we'll talk about Beowulf, so be prepared. You don't have to read a whole book, it's very long. You see, it's an epic story, kind of like Homer's Illiad. A lot of repetitive hero stuff. I mean, if you're a Tolkien fan, you may enjoy it, but apart from that don't read the whole thing. In fact, skip most of it. Or you could watch a movie. Yes, recently there were like three movies  made. Including that famous one... you know... with Anthony Hopkins... and other stars. You can watch that. I just want you to get the feel of the atmosphere. "




My thoughts - two weeks are more than enough to get through the book. Really. Especially since it's the ONLY class in which we have to read at all.


A pulse - that's literally all that's needed to pass this one. If you're sitting there and sign your name on the list, you get a passing grade. Congratulations! Now you can spend the rest of a lecture on facebook! AND YOU'LL PASS!




You want to know what our American history teacher said last week? That we'll use Longman's "Illustrated History of the USA" ... WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?! It's not even an academic textbook! It's a university for fuck's sake! Give me at least one proper title on a given subject, damn it! 

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