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AN Essay on the Principle of Population (Penguin English Library) - Thomas K. Malthus



A few days ago I went to a library to find some fun books about history of British Isles, and... OMG, It's Malthus! Just standing there on a shelf! My excitement levels skyrocketed, I grabbed a book and hugged it (no one read it since 2008). I believe books get sad when you don't read them (which is why I also grabbed the "Decline of the English Murder and Other Essays" by Orwell - no one borrowed this particular copy of a book since 2001. And that's depressing, so I kept petting it on a bus. I think it felt happy in my lap). But I digress. Back to Malthus.

I studied sociology for two years, which meant a lot of demography classes. That alone would be enough to make me read it, but last year I had a course with my favourite teacher (and one of my favourite people) in a whole wide world. The course was (a drumroll please)  historical demography! Don't you dare to frown upon it! That was one of the best semesters I had! Ever! And we talked extensively about Thomas Malthus and how he fucked up and why despite being wrong, he's kind of right and relevant. An amazing story! One that I'll share with you in a review, so stay tuned! But for now know this - I had to take it. I just did. I swear it's not going to be boring (not the book, but what I have to say about it). ^^ I'm shaking with anticipation.