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A tip - let's clean our designated comments' pages regurarly (no more notification floods)

Basically, if you, the moderator of your blog, delete all comments of a person from under a post, they won't get any more notifications for it. Let's regularly 'clean up' our designated comments' pages, so that notifications remain relevant.


I'm not advocating deleting comments under all posts! Just on a designated comments page!!!


Those are comments from two days back:



And now Angela will not get notified every time someone tries to contact me. She doesn't have to check if I said something more to her, or if it's a different conversation altogether.




That way people whose comments you've deleted, will stop getting notifications for conversations that don't involve them. This way we can comment away without any consequences ^^ I will introduce a new policy on my comments' page - I'll remove comments after one day/ when a given conversation is over. If people involved want to get back to it, they can. After all we do remember more or less if we have something to say ;)



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