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A simple tip - everything is too big? Zoom out.

Obvious post is obvious. But if one person has an 'eureka' moment it's worth it.




Sometimes I  find reading text here or scrolling through a dashboard uncomfortable, because they're too big (not a criticism, since solution is staggeringly simple). Changing that takes only a few button presses . You can freely manipulate level of zoom on your page.  Any page in an internet browser. Not just on booklikes (works for firefox, can't speak for other browsers) It doesn't affect your blog. You're just changing your view of a page at the moment.




"ctrl" + "-"  -> zoom out


"ctrl" + "+" -> zoom in


Repeat until satisfied.


You may want to use that on dashboard or just while reading reviews. I know it's obvious, but sometimes people need to be reminded of existing options.





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