AnHeC (I'm too fucking busy and vice versa)

Hi! My name is Anna, "You'd really like me if you got to know me. I've known me for years and I love me."

Did you know that a list of badly behaving booklikers was created?

After what Kaia said I went ahead to check out who's on the list... I must say I didn't see that one coming.


Guess what? That's right! Yours truly!



I have only one question: how the fuck did I get there?! Am I condemned by association?


Let's make something clear. I've never:

- had a fight with an author

- had author complain about my reviews

- created a shelf dedicated to author's behaviour (I barely shelf books... I was just starting on doing it)

- rated a book I haven't read (I had only ONE dnf and stated it clearly in my review)

- had ANY conversations with any author till about a week ago (hi Nenia *waves*)

- left ANY comment on author's page. Ever. Period.

- took part in a group discussions on GR - I was a pretty new member and talked only with my friends.

- sought out names of badly behaving authors (I didn't even know it was a problem until recently)



Hell, since I've been on BL I've written... two? TWO reviews! Positive ones at that! So how in the name of all fluffy fanged carnivorous ducklings did it happen?


I'm a small fish in a see. On GR I had 20 friends. 20!  My average rating was 3.39 (which I'd say is very positive). I don't have twitter. I don't use tmblr. Can someone please explain to me (preferably in detail) HOW did they even find out I exist? And what inspired them to put me there? What have I done, I'M A MUTHERFUCKING QUIET,  CALM AS A MICROWAVE, LONE OWL BITCH! *coughs* sorry. But you feel me. Do they randomly pick us? I mean me? ME? I've been writing freaking HTML tutorials! Is that author bullying, because it diverted my attention form reading ARCs?



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