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Hi! My name is Anna, "You'd really like me if you got to know me. I've known me for years and I love me."

Mistrz Zagadek z Hed (Mistrz Zagadek, #1) - Patricia A. McKillip, Jacek Manicki Now, I should start with admitting I'm partial to this book. I've read it as a kid, it was a gift from my parents (whole 3 books). And I loved it. It had some wisdom in it, that I needed at the time. And a few of my favourite quotes hit me still today.So, let's get on with review.I liked the main character. I liked the fact, that he didn't necessarily seek glory. Didn't want to save the world, so to speak. An unwilling hero. A guy that loves peace and quite and books (^^) but life has other ideas.I didn't like how riddles were presented. They weren't really riddles. It was just knowledge, at least seemed like it at parts. But even after all those years it still is a refreshing concept (or at least an interesting one).I also liked other characters. They were distinct, consistent, and often if not likeable than at least interesting or understandable. The book on it's own may not deserve 5 stars, but for me (with all the history and emotional attachment), that's what it's worth so that's what I gave.