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Hiding our reviews? I think not! My interpretation.



Pay close attention to the underlined parts. It's a response to other users blocking a person! So we, reviewers and readers have control over it.


It's a useful feature. Keep in mind, there were no horrible authors on booklikes. As far as I know they were never a problem. There was no drama focused on readers-authoers interactions.


How the site will adjust to possible attention of horrible people that happen to be authors? It's unclear.


To me it seems that booklikes staff doesn't really know how bad things got on GR. How much abuse reviewers received (including stalking and threats, real life threats, not digital. Truly dreadful stuff).


I wouldn't be worried. It's just a polite explanation of how things work. No promises, no threats. More than that - it actually puts power on the side of users!


*Pure speculation ahead: To me it sounds like BL were asked a question about how do they deal with this problem and the response was: "But what problem? We have no problem. Users keep an eye out for problematic individuals, and when they report them, we deal with it."






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