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Rating, no - sentence: This is a kind of thing that makes me want to set things on fire.

Twice Tempted - Jeaniene Frost

Word count: about 82 400


With that instalment the series got worse, help me force that surrounds us and binds us, because I didn't think it possible.

I don't know how Vlad can stand her. She is supposed to be tough. Let me remind you SHE IS NOT 16 YEARS OLD! That was meant to be an adult woman that had a difficult life; therefore, had to grow up quickly, be smart and practical. Here we have a whinny, annoying, bitchy mess!

I understand vulnerability of Leila, she lacked human connections in her life, trust, safety, so it's hard for her. But it doesn't magically excuse EVERYTHING!

Who is that guy? It's certainly not Vlad form Vampire Huntress series. Different personality. And it wasn't a change for better.

Spoilery bit? And a 'love triangle', it was so shitty. The way she used a poor guy. There was no suspense in it, because reader knew who she HAS to end up with. So, yeah. There was THAT.

What they are in that book:
- He: a major self-important d-bag
- She: a mentally deficient hormonal whiny useless inept horny bimbo (I really hoped she would finally die, did I mention she was close to kicking the bucket about 529 times? It got old real quick) Words can't fully convey my rage, I want her to be real just so I can kick her in the shin. Or better, hit her in the nerve on the shoulder (you know which one) with my favourite multi-purpose stone. Yes, I have one. It's always within my reach (my precious). That would be special. She was so selfish and focused on her own hurt feelings the density of them should have created a black hole inside of her, that would just suck her in. DIE YOU ATTENTION WHORE!
- together: it reads like a bad high school romance about temperamental and overly 'angsty' teenagers.
- their wedding: really? Nausea. I mean WTF? Was it just like an afterthought? The way it played out, do we really have to be subjected to something so nonsensical?

Character's reasoning was flawed, no, more than that, it was so fucked up I think the author might have just smashed her face against a keyboard repeatedly. Things don't make sense, as in personalities, actions, decisions, conversations... Just remembering how much 'fun' I had with it makes me shudder. Why, oh why don't you (plot events(?) and actions) attempt to make sense? Or just pretend, I could work with pretending (at least for a while).

I've only read it, because I had faith in Jeaniene Frost. I didn't expect much, just trusted she could make it better. No. Such. Luck. That was a blur of disappointments hitting you in solar plexus, kicking in the ribs while you're lying down dizzy from all those sickening exchanges between MC's, smashing your head against that jagged writing until you bleed and weep begging "please, please, one more inner monologue and I might be damaged beyond repair". I seriously wanted to 'safe word' out of it, that's how abused the whole shebang made me feel.

It was a cruel and unusual punishment I subjected myself to.

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