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Not a tutorial - just a tip about notifications!

Am I the only retard that struggled with this?



I was kind of annoyed, because I if you have more then 4 or 5 notifications, you need to open a 'notification window'. Nothing wrong with that, except when you clicked on this little green button at the top, and then on a link,  there's no difference in how new and old notifications are displayed. If I have to check 30, and start scrolling down, I loose track of things! Damn it!



So it usually went like this:


Oh, how cool, 4 more to see (click)


THE FUCK THEY WENT? Which ones are new?


Yes, I now they're at the top. I also can count to four, hell, even five when I have a good day. It's silly when there are only a few. But 32? I have no idea where new ones end! I scroll down and get lost.


How about this?


Or this?



BUT! I've actually figured out something helpful.



If you save a link to your 'notifications page' and refresh/open it instead of clicking on a green bubble, new ones will be highlighted with green!


So when I see this:





I go to my notifications page without clicking on a damned, green icon.


Then I see this:





Notifications will remain 'fresh' until you click on



Opening links will not affect them. You can open away, refresh, and nothing will change.



I actually set link to notifications as my starting page - a nice short-cut in my web browser.




I ask again, am I a lone idiot? Am I so far behind?


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