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Added pages - I can't read it! My background is dark and font is black! And I want to have a comment section!

I really wasn't planning on making this tutorial, but I see a lot of pages with this problem.






Not only can't you read text, but links on the left (which normally are white on my page) went to the dark side when you weren't looking! I hate when things go Anakin on me... *mutters with indignation*






Don't get me wrong. It's actually really cool that text is transparent. I love that! It looks awesome, but doesn't work with every background.


No, you can't just change a font colour. It would make font on your posts white (and white on white isn't sexy)


Fortunately there is an easy solution:


Start with making a post which will serve as your page. It will not only give you a white background, but has an added benefit of a comment section!




*Tip -  if you don't want to spam your friend's feed, change post date. Set it a week ago? Something like that.


Once you wrote whatever you wanted to write, it's time to add a page/modify already existing one.









 You want' to change a 'page type'.







Text box will disappear and a place for a link will be there:



Find a link to the post prepared beforehand:



Scroll down until you find it (yes, it can take time, so either make sure it's like a week ago, so you don't have to go through too many of your own posts)



Open in a new window, copy link and post it there:






Now your page looks like that:







See? Much better.


Also now my links are white (like I want them to be):