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Seduction and Snacks (Chocolate Lovers, #1) - Tara Sivec

Word count: about 100 000
Rating: Hilarious Reality Check

Dear book, "You had me at 'hello.'"

That book was hilarious! Way over the top (which is probably why I’ve laughed so hard). The very beginning was the awsomest thing in the world and I'm making my friends read it (ready or not, hell, willing or not, here I come!)

Heed the truth! About sex, first times, children in general, cuddling, kids' movies and many more!

A book with a healthy outlook on reality. It’s a romance, but quite unique, in how realistically it tackles problems. Stuff that normally goes unmentioned, so not to spoil the romantic atmosphere, here is thrown in your face and laughed at. It’s not subtle. It’s loud, obnoxious, straightforward and ridiculous at times. And awkward as hell! Things aren’t convenient. It’s not a fairy tale with a millionaire or a prince, where everything nicely falls into a dramatic, ‘bigger than life’ love story.

*Beware! Changing POV’s can confuse (especially when you don’t expect them).

Humor is probably the biggest strength of this book. It’s not for everyone. If you don’t like jokes about vaginas, penises, nipples and sex – it’s not for you. If you’re sensitive to a graphic language – it’s not for you. If you want a fluffy pink romance with unicorns in the background and people dripping cheese and shitting rainbows – it’s not for you. If you want a male protagonist that is strong, hot, with serious violent/possessive streak – it’s not for you.

Samples of humour:

We would kiss in the rain, jump hand-in-hand together into a pool and ride horses together along the beach. Or maybe I've seen one too many tampon commercials.

"There is no way you were even remotely as surprised as me. If I woke up tomorrow with my tits sewn to the curtains, I wouldn't be this much in shock,"

I really wish I wasn't drunk. I would so put his penis in my mouth right now.

"Sorry, son, mommy and dad were busy playing hide the salami."

I don’t remember EVER laughing out loud so much while reading a book. It is not sophisticated by any means, it’s crude and that's why I love it!

vagina – 126 times
penis – 89 times
sex/sexy/sexual - 78
weiner – 23 times times
virgin/virginity - 26
orgasm - 31 times

Why not ***** - cause I'm a mental case with serious issues (a mental bulldog), explanation of which would have to involve a pretty big spoiler, so I'm not even going to tempt you with putting it there.

My advice? Start reading it. Give it a try. If you don't like the first few pages - walk away.