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Dark Days (Skulduggery Pleasant, # 4)

Dark Days - Derek Landy

Word count: about 77 700
Rating: I’ll finish you like a chocolate cheesecake BIATCH!

*The rating is somewhere around 3,75 for this one too (can’t really give it a full **** Just can’t. I know I have issues, but don’t worry, I don’t plan to breed so it’s OK)

Non-stop thrilling action

That is going to be a rather short review, as I have nothing profound to say.

Stephanie is 15 now (surprise, surprise, you didn’t see that one coming *sarcasm*). I really enjoy seeing her grow up and following changing and growing relationships between characters.

My one big gripe with this series though, what the actual fuck? Those books are pretty violent for children’s literature (which, as I’ve said brfore, is fine with me. Jack Reacher for the win! Kill them all!)

But the point is good guys are dropping like flies. Bad ones – not so much. Landy has no problem with brutally murdering a nice old lady (that is a linguist, not even a fighter!) YET Billy Ray is STILL FUCKING ALIVE! You’d think that by now someone would say “That’s it. This fucker keeps on messing with us every year. People I love are dying. I’ve had it. This time I’m not just going to beat him or threaten. LET THERE BE BLOOD!!! *merrily goes berserk*” Eradicate those villains once and for all! It’s so frustrating!

Derek Landy is getting better still! Though I must say, that it is truly a nonstop action packed novel. There will be no peaceful breakfasts, no walks in the park, no descriptions of characters getting dressed, no inner monologues. Depending on what you like it may be good or bad. For me it’s not enough. I want some character building that doesn’t necessarily revolve around the main plot.

It’s literally action ONLY. Good action that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed, but it will never become one of my favorite series (a wise men said “Never say never”, and who could doubt the wisdom of a song title? Just earlier today I’ve seen a song by Carly Ray Jepson titled “heart is a muscle” and that was pretty spot on). I love those characters, I love their interactions, so I would enjoy something more. LOVE being the key word. Don’t get me wrong, characters do develop and change, the relationship between Skulduggery and Stephanie is pretty awesome. But it all happens midst action.

On the second thought that is actually why it’s so cool, different and why it holds kid’s attention. Landy still manages to make us care about characters; we connect with them and see the changes. He has some mad writing skills (he has to, I mean, he pulled it off). I don't know how he manages to put it all together, but he does. Lot's of distinct individuals I care about.