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Misogyny is a new sexy (Beautiful #1)

Beautiful Disaster  - Jamie McGuire
Read in May, 2013


Word count: about 107 500

Really!? That book isn't your average YA. Oh no. That book pretty much embodies ALL problems with NA/YA genre. DISASTER, THAT'S WHAT THAT BOOK IS

*Only people that have read the book will understand how much 'win' is in this picture:

-Virginity/innocence myth? Check.
-EDIT: Orgasmic virginity loss! Check.
-Saving a bad boy (instead of slapping him down)? Check.
-Tight vaginas? Check. (VAGINA IS NOT A FIST)
-Misogyny? Check.
-Violent man (because random outbursts of aggression are sexy)? Check.
-Stalking? Check.
-Bodies of Greek gods? Check. (so what if he's fist fighting, that would never mess up his perfect face!)
-TSTL heroine? Check. SPOILER ALERT!Yes, going back to a burning building is romantic. NOT /SPOILER
-Tough guy turning into psycho drama-llama? Check.
-Male that tries to take complete control over your life? Check.
-Resolving problems with violence? Check.
-Walking into a bathroom while girl takes a shower? Check. (seriously, are there no locks on doors in America?)
-Manipulation? Check.
-Blackmail? Check.
-Never accepting the word 'NO'? Check.
-Forgiving a guy regardless of how fucked up his actions are? Check. SPOILER ALERT! Yes, if you're lying in his bad and at the same time he's fucking two girls in the living room and then acting all nice/, and saying how you're different/better it's cool. It's also fine if he tells you how to dress and forbids you from seeing other people. Don't worry about him saying he'll kill any guy that you have sex with either. So what if after a fight you hide in your friends room knowing he'll come looking for you an will break the door down and you can't avoid him./SPOILER
-Codependency in a relationship? Check.
-Vegas wedding? Check.
-Having tattoos of each others names? Check.
-Guy tattooing girls name randomly?Check

-Any adult, responsible decisions/acts/issues. NOT THERE! (they don't even have jobs for fucks sake! How's that for 'adult'. (view spoiler) Yeah, because responsibilities are booooriiiiing. Who would want to live about that?

If you DNF you can't grasp how bad it was. But know this: fists solve all the problems.

What is it with this new trend? The ideal man (if you want to learn from those books) is a disrespectful, selfish, forceful asshole/man whore with a philosophy of 'don't let her do what she wants because she doesn't really know what's good for her.'


 Devoted solely to the amazing character of Travis "Mad Dog" Maddox. (Blame Jamie McGuire - she wrote it and I had to react)