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Caressed by Ice (Psy-Changeling, #3)

Caressed by Ice  - Nalini Singh

Word count: about 108 000
Rating: Bouncing around like a demented bunny


Look at that PLOT! Just look at it!

An amazing thing about this series (so far) is the fact, that there is continuity. It was one of my main problems with most series. Books focused on different pairs and were very loosely connected by secondary characters. I want a continuous plot, I love real series, like LOTR. In J.R. Ward’s series there is a bigger picture, but it’s more of a steady constant hum in the background than a real plot with direction. But here, here we have a Plot. As in a real, continuous progressing thing that connects books. Additionally characters from previous installments are quite prominent. In other words the world changes with every book. Things that happen have real impact and move things along. I LOVE THAT.

So much happening on so many levels!
-Character development? Check!
-Bonding time? Check!
-Real side characters with personalities that are relevant? Check!
-Awesome male lead? Check!
-Damaged (but not crossing into annoying) heroine you feel for/understand? Check!
-Vicious Psy politics? Check!
-The attraction prior to love? Check!
-World building? Check!
-Back story that has you on the edge of your seat and craving more? Check!
-Exciting Psy skills in use? Check!
-Villains that you despise? Check! (Right now I really, really vehemently HATE the Psy council. Props to Nalini Singh)
-Characters from previous books that we know and love? Check!

I'm very glad that this book is different. We have a Psy male and a changeling female, so the previous formula HAD to be modified. It works.

Yes, it’s still a fast-food fun (all romances are – that’s what the whole genre is about; hot, protective, strong, devoted guys that love a woman in a way no normal, sane male does), but it’s pretty awesome. That book has all the right elements in place.

EDIT: Oh, yeah, right. Sorry. I actually have to change the 'official' star rating to 4 instead of making it 5. I had a problem! Something didn't feel right, but I couldn't put my finger on it. But now I remember. It's a minor spoiler about sex (why am I always obsessing about sex...) SPOILER ALERT! [ Even when a guy has ZERO experience he has to be immediately awesome at sex. But hey, he did his research and has enough confidence to take control! (NOT) I don't care how smart you are. Theory and practice are two different things. I know Nalini tried to make him perfect, but the way he handled the issue is too much for me. At least make him hesitate a little. Something. Anything.] /SPOILER There, see. I'm healthy after all. My nitpicking compulsion is still in full swing.

I guess I'm less of a reviewer and more of a critic. I find it difficult to point out the good things, but gladly and with ease uncover all shortcomings of a book.