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Dark Lover - J.R. Ward

That will be a a comment on series as a whole. Ignore the rating, it is for the first instalment.

I've read 10 books in the series. (I've seen things... *shudders*)

Rating for the series: mind numbing concoction of awesome and horrid (In my head that equals, like, zero. And I have some maths to prove it: 100*54*37*2*76*0=0; I can't get over the bad stuff.)

I was torn. On one hand there were really nice elements, on the other it had faults that in time turn into an outrage.

As George Carlin said: "I don't have pet peeves, I have major psychotic hatreds":

- instant magical love just doesn't do it for me. They see each other and fuck and can't live separately since. It's not love. I don't like it. I don't buy it. And if I don't feel for the characters I'm not impressed with what's happening. At the back of my mind that mantra plays on 'it's not love, it's not love, it's not love...' No matter how lovely you make things, if I didn't believed in their feelings from the start, I will not be impressed with the romanticism of the situation later. In those book love is just a fateful, magical, smell-based (yes, you've heard me right, SMELL) instant attraction.

- misogyny. It gets worse and worse. At first it's all about possession and protection, but objectification of woman goes further and fuhrer with every book. I stopped reading the series when one of heroins had to be 'fucked into salvation'. I can't even describe how bad it gets at times. Just FUCK YOU J.R. WARD!

- even strong female characters are weak/become weak as the story progresses. It's like they loose all self respect and independence. Women are just those pretty decorative things that lie on the bed with their thighs spread wide. THAT is the extent of their importance.

- sex - libido so unrealistic it makes you laugh (at first) but then you're just annoyed.

- looks - of both man and women are ridiculous. Especially man. All way above 6 feet tall and insanely ripped. Pleas, it gets old real fast. And is laughable most of the time, not hot.

- repetitiveness of all sorts. No, those books are certainly NOT well written.

That about covers my main gripes with those books. If romance in the 'romance' isn't satisfying, why bother?

The sad thing is there were many good things too (that get gradually overshadowed by an enormous influx of outrageous shitfest)! Characters I liked, enjoyable banter, some good action, interesting premise (that we don't get nearly as much out of as possible). It just goes downhill, makes me feel torn between what I absolutely loved and what had me see red. I'm sorry, but I can't get over the faults. No way. I mean, can somebody tell me what Wrath and Beth exactly loved about each other? I really want to know, please, do enlighten me.

Some relationships were actually pretty good, but then disappointed me (yes, you do know which gay men I'm talking about). But redeeming qualities are not nearly prominent enough. If you consider THAT a good romance... Well, I will not hate you, but it's sad. And I feel sorry for you. In time that series morphs into an atrocious, brazen, heinous, shameless, unbearable, shocking, barbaric, malevolent, pernicious, wanton, wayward, aberrant, iniquitous, unethical, obscene, depraved, sordid, contemptible pile of WTF.

Expressive enough? Or should I keep going. I must say I'm tempted.

I'm not kidding. If you're feeling frisky go ahead and find rants about those books. There are enough excellent, funny reviews that drag each book through the mud so I'm not going to even try to write my own ones. There's no need. Seriously, brilliant rants! They're more fun than the actual books! Go ahead, find them. I know you want it *creepy smile*

Thank you for your time. Have fun NOT reading those books. Unless the above mentioned things don't bother you that much. There was some good (or even *gasp* awesome) in it. You've been waned!