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The Crown Tower (The Riyria Chronicles #1)

The Crown Tower - Michael J. Sullivan
Read in September, 2013

Word count: about 130 000? or something...
Rating: I really need all three swords

It ate my review! I had one and it ate it! *huddles in a corner crying* Goodreads hates me...

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Were up all night to the sun
Were up all night to get some
Were up all night for good fun
Were up all night, I got lucky!

Were up all night - I got lucky!
Were up all night - I got lucky!
Were up all night - I got lucky!
Were up all night - I got lucky! (*Yes, I’ve changed the lyrics a bit. No, I don’t need you to tell me I got it wrong.)

I really hate writing it again. I truly do. Tomorrow on the news... *a young woman... Bodies were found... police couldn’t stop…*

I badly needed to read a good fantasy book (there’s only so much mindless, repetitive romance for teen twats I can take). And I found it *gasp*! This was my first encounter with Sullivan’s writing, and I WANT MORE! Since new books published today are like a minefields, I got lucky with it. Really lucky. It was just lying there to be taken! No pending requests necessary. I was fully prepared for this book to suck, and was pleasantly disappointed.

Writing was good. Language nice, pretty, graphic, but to the point. You know you’re reading a good book, when sword fights suck you in and have you all pumped up. It was impressive. Not once felt I lost or were overwhelmed by excessive amount of details slowing down the action. Props to the author.

I also enjoyed the fact, that characters had diverse personalities. And I don’t mean main characters – I mean an entire fictional world. You know how in books people are either nice, good-natured with a few rotten apples here and there? Or the world is a cold, dark place where everyone’s out to get you? In this case... Neither. There are all kinds of people in Sullivan’s world – good, bad, kind, brave, cowardly, selfish, selfless, dedicated, scheming, straightforward, lying, cheating, honest, strong, weak... I liked it. There’s just a right mix of crooks and lawfuls. Not all sunshine and rainbows, but not enough to kill your faith in humanity.

This book was predictable (much), but execution of a concept was perfect. I’m a sucker for a good story about genius/talented/deadly/special characters that save the day, win against the odds, overcome all sorts of impossible obstacles. I had a blast reading it. Sue me.