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End Dayz (The Hitchhiker Strain, #0.5)

End Dayz (The Hitchhiker Strain, #0.5) - Kellie Sheridan
Read from September 16 to 17, 2013

Word count: (???) short (I don't trust my estimates)
Rating: “Not dying is a pretty epic feeling. “

Work on your zombie killing skills.

*ARC provided by NetGalley

It tickled my new found love of dystopia and curiosity about mechanics of stabbing people in the brain.

I don’t particularly love any of those four characters, but neither do I vehemently hate them. I think Zack's a wuss, the way he talks about ‘not wanting to shoot them’. If you see a zombie you kill it. Period. Next case. Next fucking case.

As I haven’t read Mortality I’m not in a best position to speak in depth about the prequels. But I will. HA!

The book short story is divided into 4 parts – each told from a different point of view and using a different medium. What we actually get to see are letters, diary entries, notes and reports written by characters.

First one up: Pierce
He writes letters to his girlfriend (?) Quite sensible guy. He seaz (ha ha) zombiez (he he), or rather hears them in the middle of a night and has an immediate, correct reaction. Get your shit together, get some weapons and run for your life. It’s a guy that (view spoiler) Which made me think a lot about how that would feel (as in what that compares to – doing stabbing, not getting stabbed).

Second: Belle
Poor girl, what a stupid name parents gave you. I always wonder how awkward it is if a girl is exceptionally ugly. Or just gets old. What a shitty name for an old lady. But there are worse, imagine grandma Jessica… Lacks certain gravitas, wouldn’t you agree?

Anyway, I digress. From what I understood she’s young (haven’t gone to high school yet) and pretty dim. Yes, it’s a great idea to let your thoughts wander aimlessly when you’re outside. Alone. And totally forget to fight or scream. Ellis, the chicken quote might be the only sensible thing that girl have said. But to be fair she’s young, so a lot can be forgiven. Ha ha. Not really, but at least it explains a lot. She just hangs around her father and complains about food, ‘cause she’s picky.

Thrid: Alex
Now that’s a joker. The boy is on the run with his sister, mother and some chick. Along the way they live notes, so father can follow them and (eventually) find them. Ha ha. Very funny. Imagine that – you get home and bam! There’s only a note. And then you’re supposed to go on some freakish trip praying you’ll find all the damned clues. Great plan. I don’t suppose people are rational during such times, but the idea seems funny, especially for the father. What if rain destroyed a note? Or someone ate it? That’s just sad.

Also Alex, you little shit, “But I’d like to think that if any government is going to get it together and find a solution it will be us.” You’re deluded. America (despite what you’ve been repeatedly told) isn’t “the bestest, smartest, richest, grates country evaaaa”. I know you’d like to think it, but majority of your scientists is imported, not ‘home grown’ so no, it won’t be Americans coming up with anything. Gee, what is wrong with people? Why not Canadians? Or Japanese? Or Russians? *mutters*

Four: Zack the chicken that is far too sensitive for all the violence.
They have guns. I’d use them. Also crossbows? Really? Where exactly did you get them? Guns are far easier to find and user friendly. You really need to become a better planner and get your act together.

In the end I did have a good time with it and it put me in a mood for a nice dystopian story.