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Oskar i pani Róża

Oskar i pani Róża - Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt, Barbara Grzegorzowska
Read on September 23, 2013


A very short, very sweet book. It has an amazing heart-warming quality.

A short story about a young boy dying of cancer. I would never buy it. Sounds like someone else's cup of tea, but it was a gift. And I always read books I were given. I've finished it in one sitting (not a huge feat, since it has 77 pages).

A 10 year old boy writes letters to god. That's how the 'story' is presented, though there isn't much of a plot here. He's dying, that's it. The real gem is how he sees the world.

I love the author's take on death. It actually made me cry. The connection between Oscar and Rose, an old lady that was his mentor, moved me. The way they were together seeking peace, trying to understand life and death, deciding how to live your life to the fullest when there's not much time left. 12 days. That's all he had to accomplish it.

I firmly believe simplicity of the language, straightforwardness of Oscar, his innocence, are what made this book great. That's why it had such a huge emotional impact.

It's not for everyone (but is any book?) I've learned over years to find beauty in stories about life. 5 years ago that book would only annoy me. I think mostly people hate it or love it, there isn't much space in-between.