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Branded by Fire (Psy-Changeling Series #6)

Branded by Fire - Nalini Singh

Word count: almost 100 000
Rating: Bouncing around like a demented fangirling horny bunny

FUCKING PERFECT That about sums it up.

I am NOT confused. (like that IS something new)

Behold! For the first time since... ever, I don't have ANY problems with sex. Nada, nill, zilch, zero, zip, null, nought, none, zot. Not with any aspect of it!

Mercy is perfect (she’s not, but I mean that I love her). She’s strong, confident, a sentinel (love equality in changeling world) but also has a feminine side (won the bikini contest, sometimes puts on a dress or just simply uses a peach scented soap – Nalini made sure to point out that she’s very much a woman and aware of that fact). Mercy was sometimes frustrated that some males don’t see her as a female – that is the price for being strong, for playing with the big boys. All in all it was a well balanced character. She has a family she loves, wants to have kids in the future, has some self respect, she’s not an innocent virgin (YES!). I loved her. I loved her courage, the way she wouldn’t let people walk all over her while still having a big heart.

Riley is pretty amazing in his own right. A strong male that has always been the quiet strength for his loved ones. He thinks he knew what he wanted but then he fell for Mercy and things got complicated. I love how he had to step out of his comfort zone, open up to change and COMPROMISE! Unlike many males we see in the series he doesn’t hijack Mercy’s life. She wouldn’t let him. He has to deal with his pride and controlling urges. He grows as a person. He deeply cares about his pack and family but also takes into consideration how much Mercy would have to give up for him. He sees that and appreciates it. He’s willing to compromise instead of pushing until he gets what he wants (that was the model presented till now. Push hard until a woman gives in). He’s not soft, he’s stubborn and possessive but he has some boundaries (ever heard of them? An amazing concept! Revolutionary, I know). He treats Mercy like a person, not a commodity.

Together they have to learn how to do this. And it’s not easy but even I saw that they fit together. They know when to push, when to give in. They both needed someone strong. He needed Mercy’s big loving heart, her energy, her unapologetically honest emotions and she needed a male that would make her feel like a woman and sometimes took control (especially in bed) but wouldn’t diminish her. They work together. They do.

SEX WAS HOT! And there was more then one scene!

Ok, so romance rocks, how about the rest?

There is a LOT going on in this book. We see flashes of what is happening on the Psy side, in lives of individual councilors, we follow Ghost and Information Merchant. We listen in on the plans of Human Alliance. There are interactions between shifters in both packs. We get to see Sascha and Lucas; Clay, Dorian, Tammy, juveniles, Hawke, Sienna (can’t wait for her book), Andrew, Brenna, Judd, Ashaya, Amara… Or just characters we hear about. You get my point. A lot of people, big picture, many paths crossing. It was full of win. The intrigue, the action, the drama… The plot wasn’t a one linear and simple epic quest that ends with the book (when we accomplish our one goal), rater a lot of different things are happening on many levels. IT WAS FUCKING BRILLIANT! THE WHOLE THING! I loved EVERY aspect of this book (yes, could be better, as always, but fuck you). We learn so much about characters (not just the main ones), about the world, it’s amazing. Countless precious little touches. Sentence here, sentence there, but it makes all the difference in the world.

If you had problems with it:

To people that think there was no build up? How about YEARS they’ve known each other/worked together? It wasn’t sudden, just the opposite. We read about the fact she/he couldn’t stop thinking about the other, were driving each other crazy and so on. This is one relationship in the whole series that actually had time to develop. Clay and Tally were kids, so I'm not convinced of their 'love'. Faith, Sascha, Ashya fell in love real quick. But Mercy and Riley had time to get to know each other and start to lust/desire/just fuck this fascination out of their systems.