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Blaze of Memory (Psy-Changeling Series #7)

Blaze of Memory - Nalini Singh

Word count: about 99 500
Rating: Too much, too soon, and for no good reason.

I really didn’t feel like writing this review because I wasn’t sure what felt wrong with the story. Why am I unhappy? But now I know so here it comes. Dev is a human. Ekaterina is a Psy Do you see any changeling here? No. So ‘mating’ magnetism doesn’t apply. Therefore their whole relationship seems kind of fishy.

Dev, the ruthless cavemen, suddenly falls for potential enemy, hurt little brave bird (please, hit me with a blunt object). What did he love about her exactly? Oh, right, she was pretty and got hurt. Yep, that’s IT. Is it enough for me? NO. Compassion isn’t love. Distrust isn’t love. Lust isn’t love. Curiosity isn’t love. Even human decency isn't love.

Is he in for a personality? No, she doesn’t have one (yet). She’s been a silenced Psy all her life. She has skills. She has a profession, but that is not a personality. She didn’t have a chance to develop one. On top of that she has amnesia, so she’s kind of vague on being anyone. On top of that he sulks and she doesn’t say what needs to be said. They don’t go through things together, they don’t share the past, they don’t have a future. They don’t get to know each other or to have reasons to care.

Too much too soon. Here we have her, declaring undying love for this man and this man only. And he doesn’t connect with her, spends vast majority of time not trusting her/ lusting after her/ feeling sorry for a hurt woman that managed to stay alive. I call bullish. He was an asshole to her and then he suddenly loves her?

Was it horrible then? No. I did enjoy certain aspects of the book, but didn’t really feel for the characters. The ending was pretty dramatic and I didn’t care. If Katya died I’d dance lindy hop in the streets. I liked learning more about shine and people working there. I loved hearing about the Forgoten, their powers and their psychic net. I liked changelings appearing here. I even enjoyed hearing more about Dev himself. I just didn’t see the undying love in those two or three days they’ve spent together (mostly not talking about a) what stands between them b) what they could have in common). Katya was new to the whole concept of love, so I can forgive her for being overly dramatic, but Dev? Really? She was so hot you couldn’t separate work from pleasure? I still don’t get his ‘love’ for her. She’s a very week character that experiences little to non growth. She has no redeeming qualities (getting tortured in the past is not a redeeming quality). She’s not enough of a person. (view spoiler)

They are both needy and seem to feed each other’s brand of ‘unhealthy’. He has a thing for hurt woman, she has a thing for… she’s not sure what, but it MUST be Dev. Let’s be emotional cripples together!