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Dead Ever After

Dead Ever After: A True Blood Novel - Charlaine Harris

I find the cover incredably appropriate ;) Sookie is officialy DEAD. This searies is DEAD XD

Good thing, I wasn't a hardcor fan. That series have never been good to begin with. There were so many flaws... The writing pretty much sucked. Story/dialog/descriptions lacked balance. It was inconsistent. But parts of it were fun! I'm pretty sure that Sookie Stackhouse series got popular and has so many die hard fans because of True Blood, which, lets be honest, is only LOOSELY based on the books! Do not confuse the two. Books were never swoony. Characters didn't grow and develop gradually. It was erratic, jumpy, and lacked direction.

I'm not angry at the author. That book is in keeping with the rest. I'm just so glad tv series were better (were!) but now I don't know where they're taking it.

I don't know why anyone would read it (I was curious ;)). People that are not emotionally invested wil not feel like reading 13 books in a searies. Die hard fans will not like it. It has no audience apart from creeps like me^^

My advice:
If you're a fan do a speed- read. Skip through descriptions (they're not that hip and nothing you heaven't read before), skim a lot and get through it to get some closure. I don't like having things hanging over me. And than have a good cuddle with fanfiction!