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Slammed (Slammed, #1)

Slammed (Slammed, #1) - Colleen Hoover
Read in May, 2013


Word count: about 70 000

So, are these the droids you're looking for? Let's see.

Ok, so finally I got down to writing that review. I simply had to justify my rating, but was quite conflicted as to how to go about that.

I picked that book up because I like spoken word poetry. If you've never experienced it DON'T READ THAT BOOK. It's difficult to convey how much that knowledge affects your perception of the story. So before reading look for some slams on youtube (I really like Tylor Mali and Catalina Ferro; also Sarah Kay did a nice TED talk on the subject). Because reading those poems is not 'gonna do you much on it's own. It's kind of like reading song lyrics, when you've never heard music...

MC, Layken (WTF is with that name?! SO annoying) she acts immature, which is actually a good thing, after all she's barely 19, still in high school. She's at that age, when everything seems so much bigger than it is. Every success is huge, every problem crippling, every love eternal and so on. Therefore her feelings are strong. Considering we all overestimate importance of events as they come, and teenagers don't have any experience base to refer to yet, not much for comparison, it all hits them hard. So her hung up on 'impossible love' was quite realistic. That is what a teenage girl would do, probably.

Male MC? I want to meet him! Not a bad boy, not an alpha male, just a nice, sensitive, handsome guy. He's not just some sex crazed cut out cardboard copy of a 'hot stuff'. Yes, he's not the sharpest tool, but hey, it's something!

One of the other things I loved was that Will tried to do the right thing, instead of declaring undying love for a girl he has once taken out for a date and letting his dick take the lead. He recognizes that falling in 'love' with someone you barely know is silly. (At least in the beginning, then...)

Secondary characters - they are present and they matter.
Ex.: her mother acts like a real mother! Not just a convenient adult that's present, because it's a book about teenagers and they can't leave alone. She is a real person and treats her daughter like... her child! OMG! So she's not just one of the props (like a couch or Bella's dad); hence, on one hand we end up having Layken (god, how I hate that name) trying to make something of her life, like an adult, AND a real adult calling her bullshit. Priceless. That's what a mother would do, after all from her perspective it's just her little girl. Scratch that, Lyken IS an immature little girl.

Did I love everything about that book? Certainly not. I HATED Lyken (and her name, really dislike that name). That's because I just don't like immature teenagers that think they're special snowflakes, but she was one (teenager, not a snowflake), damn it! Sometimes she focused on herself ignoring people around her (just like people often do, not just teenagers) Can't blame the author. And Will? Had his annoying moment's.

What you will not find:
- no full blown detailed sex scenes

Why such a high rating? Because I love slam poetry, so the idea was cool. I appreciate that.