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Slave to Sensation (Psy-Changeling Series #1)

Slave to Sensation - Nalini Singh
Read from July 01 to 05, 2013


Word count: about 98 500
Rating: Let me rub against your cover

Until I figure out how acsm files work, I’m being fucked over by NetGalley. I own you biatch! But seeing how many disappointing books people find there I’m not sure if I want to subject myself to such torture. Therefore I might make a sensible decision to stick to good old books, especially when it comes to genres that don’t age (like fantasy).

*I’m incredibly glad I took a break from Skulduggery Pleasant to read that book. It made me appreciate the action packed kid’s adventure even more.

Now for the actual review. The book was much better than I expected. For that genre? It is well balanced. I’d even risk saying say it was is good.


- It wasn’t too pornographic, yet had its hot moments.

- There was a plot! An actual, honest to god, plot! (well, ok, not too sophisticated and I’ve figured it all out early on but it’s there! And it’s pretty well executed! Who needs sophisticated? It aint broke – don’t go poking around (that’s what my doctors say when I want to try new colorful pills that make me go weeee. “I’m not a freak, I’M AN AIRPLANE!” )

- The alpha-male card was in play, yes, but was neither overused nor taken to a ‘major-abusive-controlling-asshole-my-dick-is-a-miracle’ level. Finding that sweet spot is pretty hard. (*winks* ‘if you know what I mean’)

- The heroin doesn’t lose her figurative testicles (AKA balls) as she falls in love. The opposite happens. (Could it be? Personal growth & LOVE? Shouldn’t love be a complete loss of self? *sarcasm heavy like a wrecking ball*)

- Here we have actual world-building, and seeing as this is a series, it will not go to waste. It’s not terribly extensive (AKA why are you telling me that boring, irrelevant shit?), but we know just enough not to question what is going on. My crazy side that loves memorizing historical dates and is connected to the ‘common sense institute’ at the hip approves. (LOGIC BITCHES!)

- Parts of that world building were AWESOME (as in worthy of any self-respecting high fantasy book).

- Oh, coherence! Mother of sweet coherence!

- Quite well written, but I would expect nothing less of Nalini Singh.

BUT certain things are just not my cup of tea. (I have a feeling all those 'buts' make me an ass… But an ass is like a mixture of a rabbit and a horse! So hay! *pun intended* Aint that sexy?)

a) Love at… It’s fate. It’s such an easy cop out. You don’t need to have people falling in love – they’re just magically drawn to each other. More than that! They were made to fit together; their relationship is an ultimate match. Nothing else could ever come close (good they’ve stumbled upon each other, gee, lucky them, the odds of such fortunate meeting are close to those of immaculate conception. Oh wait, what? Not happening? Exactly!) Doesn’t it make it soooo much more romantic? No, it doesn’t. There is no merit in that type of ‘love’. But to be fair, it's been nicely played in this case. They were drawn to each other, but didn’t declare undying love for a substantial part of the book. Ergo, the relationship had a chance to grow. BUT the fate still plays a part (me, mental bulldog – not good at letting go). I’m just not one of those girls that find that romantic. I don’t believe we are all halves looking for someone to complete us. I’m a perfect, whole human being. Fuck you!

b) The very title is discouraging (and impressively inaccurate – “Enslaved sensations” would make more sense.) If it wasn’t for positive reviews (thanks Angela!) I wouldn’t touch it with a 3 feet long stick. It sounds like we’re about to walk into a full blown kinky orgy, not an actual good book (with a spine! It had a spine and guts! What creature is that? “What is it? Do we it or fuck it? Let’s try half and half”) And it’s… pink! With a half naked guy squinting at us. Squinting! In pink! Makes me want to run fast and far.

c) Sascha – I know that English speaking people don’t give a flying fuck about name-sex connection but I do. There are male names and female names in my world. Especially when they come from other countries (if you throw at me a man named Jacqueline I’ll slap you eat all you bacon). Sascha should be a guy (in my head). It kept on throwing me off, I would be reading and then “Sascha did bla bla bla…” and my mind would pause and go (Who’s Sascha? Who’s that guy?). Welcome to my head (half chocolate half song lyrics)

d) I’d also like certain parts to be more, to see how things went in greater detail instead of just having them mentioned. When I enjoy something I’m more than happy (whatever that means. What is 'more than happy'? Deranged?) to delve in.

Why not *****? What kind of cruel monster am I? Not ***** because fuck you, that’s why. If you want 5 you have to build a solid relationship between characters. Preferably over a course of a few books, please (see, I can be nice, I said please)

Plot was there, but not at the core, it wasn’t enough to make me go bananas (which would deserve 5). Romance was good, solid for what it was, something I enjoyed reading about. It was sweet and swoon worthy (yes, I do understand the ‘protection, worship & utter devotion company’ trend. It’s a cute fantasy and that’s what books are for – if I want reality, I have it close at hand. Give me Lucas!).

Is it as good as Guild Hunter. NO. Guild hunter was awesome, because it focused on the same characters in 4 books (if memory serves), hence, there was much more space to make a relationship believable, to let it grow and change. I like reading about characters I care about. It takes a while to get there; such a waste when authors go and make every part of the series about someone else (but it’s just a personal preferance). I rarely care about secondary characters enough to come back for them (they’d have to buy me a beer or something).

A GOOD BOOK. If that were the type of druids (yes druids! Cause why not?) you were looking for search no further!