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Gunmetal Magic (Kate Daniels World #1)

Gunmetal Magic -  Ilona Andrews
Read from June 24 to 26, 2013

Word count: about 113 000
Rating: Let me rub against your cover/ Don’t you dare wimp out on me towards the end!

I usually don’t like the spin-offs, but that book was pretty awesome! It had that Ilona Andrews humor which makes me happy and that swell action scenes that have you grinning in excitement.

Action! Mystery! Romance! And Roman! Banter! Banter with Roman! Muaha ha ha ha haaa!

Until about 80% in I thought it actually would be *****, but then it lost me. I didn’t even really feel like finishing it (I knew how it would all play out, duh). Some of the UMPH went out of the story.

Then, I remembered why I LOVE Jack Reacher so much. I just hate all those books, where god forbid characters kill anyone. They knock people out and would never, EVER, let a child die (even if that meant the end of the world). Some things have to be done, it doesn’t make them right, but still they remain necessary. I just think the book turned a tad ‘wimpy’ towards the end. Not completely, they do kill things, I guess I have problems with parts of Andrea’s thoughts (things turned out good though). The way it played out nicely felt… Safe in a way children’s books are. Don’t you dare push my face into a plate full of righteousness! “Forgiveness is between them and God. It’s my job to arrange a meeting.”

That's how it felt.

I think I might have a problem. I’m not a big fan of walking away. No, you need to pay for whatever you’ve done; therefore, gracious forgiveness doesn’t particularly impress me. A bigger person? Pff. There are actions and there are consequences. When you fuck up you need to say sorry, try to fix it and then move on (regardless of whether you’re forgiven or not). If you skip apologizing and fixing, and run away, then years later you’re a different person, but still haven’t faced the situation and made amends, no, you’re not off the hook. I don’t care you have a family now and regret IT (whatever IT happens to be) every day of your life. TAKE THE FUCKING RESPONSIBILITY, WILL YA? Then we can talk.

One of the best things was Roman. We really get to know him better in that book, and he’s a lot of fun & can kick ass with magic.

Why I Love roman:
„You will not pass!” Roman thundered.
Great. Now he had decided he was Gandalf.

“If I tell you that yours is bigger, will you kill him?” I snarled (Andrea to Roman)

Roman glanced up and said in a conspiratorial voice. “If I disappear in a dramatic pillar of black smoke, do you think the sprinklers will go off?”
I leaned over to him and kept my voice low. “Probably. But I’m willing to close my eyes for a second and pretend you did anyway.”

In the end it was fun. I’ve had a really good time.