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All In (The Blackstone Affair, #2)

All In (The Blackstone Affair, #2) - Raine Miller

I don't know how I'll survive the last one, but no way I'm giving up 2/3 of the way in. (EDIT: should have)

That one was better, once you've accepted that they're in love. They just are. Forget that they have nothing in common, had no bonding experiences, nothing. Just sex. But hey, that is love! Like real love! Forever! EDIT: That's why teenage boys that are entirely driven by hormones are known to be experts on the subject, cause they'd totally hump anything that doesn't run. All day long. So once you accept that love, book gets marginally better. For a while. But utter lack of storyline gets to you. Too much internal monologue about how much they loooove each other. Too much dialog about how much they love each other. Not enough actual honest human interaction.

Plus, I have issues with "possessiveness", which is more like "assholeness":
"You're not getting it until you ask nicely for it."

"Mmmmm, so you liked getting smacked on your gorgeous ass, yeah? Shall I give you another?” I
whispered right up against her ear. “You deserved that little spanking, baby. You know you deserved it, and you still haven’t done as I’ve asked, you naughty thing. Tell me what I’m going to do to you up against the sink.”

"Brynne writhed her pussy over the bell end and tried to get down on my cock. I gave her points for
effort but I was the one calling the shots and I needed more from her yet. My girl had a little more work to do before she got her reward."

“Good girl. And what is the truth, baby?”[...]
"The truth is…I’m yours, Ethan! Now please!"

And I could even accept all the dirty talk, all the dom-sub action, except... There is context to that scene. SLIGHT SPOILER! [ She left to get a coffee, he went apeshit, because he had no idea where she is.) SPOILER OVER! And context changes everything.

So the guy wants to control her every move. Isn't that sexy? When she tells hem, she has a life and he doesn't own her (sound reasonable to me) he doesn't get it. Makes a scene. Basically acts like a Neanderthal. (She talked to a man! On the street! A coworker! Gasp) Mind you THEY WERE IN A MIDDLE OF A FIGHT! And that turned into sex! And not a nice "please, let me make love to you" make up sex, but "I own you biatch! It's time for some rough dominant pounding" kind of sex. Letting man talk to you like that when you're trying to make a point that he DOESN'T OWN YOU is not a way to go. But hey, it's just me and my twisted sense of self-worth. I would live him and never come back. Want an orgasm? We have electric friends for that! No need to take all that shit. So that was an issue for me. Yeah. "You don't obey me? Well, let me punish you and make you beg!" Fantastic. You know you deserved it, and you still haven’t done as I’ve asked, you naughty thing. Tell me what I’m going to do to you up against the sink. And you sir deserve a high five. In a face. With a chair.

“Don’t do that again, Brynne. I’m serious. Those times of going off on your own are over.

As soon as we were inside she let me have it. Her eyes flared and got sparkly. She was very, very pissed, and utterly beautiful in a way that got me hard as stone. “So I’m not even allowed to go down to Java’s and get a coffee?” she demanded.
“Not exactly. You are not allowed to go alone and especially without telling anybody!” I shook my head in exasperation at what she’d done, threw down my keys and scrubbed my head. “Why is this concept so fucking difficult to comprehend?”

“What in the hell was all that back there, Ethan? You were incredibly rude.”
“Keep walking. We’ll discuss this at home,” I managed to grit out as we crossed.
She glared at me like I’d grown a second head and stopped on the sidewalk. “I asked you a question. Don’t talk to me like I’m a child who’s in trouble!”
“Get in the car,” I snapped, trying to keep from picking her up and setting her in the seat, which
was dangerously close to happening even if she didn’t know it yet.
“Excuse me, but this is bullshit. I’m walking back!” She flounced away from me. I wanted to explode I was so pissed. I grabbed her hand to keep her from leaving. “No, you are not walking back, Brynne. Get in the car now. I’m taking you home.” I spoke low and right into her face where I could see her angry eyes flashing up at me. She was so stunning when she was riled. She made me want to drag her into my bed and do very naughty things to her body for about a day and a half.
“I’m not being ordered by you. Why are you acting like this?”

“You are being such a prick, Ethan. I still have a life. I am going running in the mornings and can
stop at the coffee shop if I want to.”
“Not without me or Neil you aren’t. Now get your sweet Yank ass in the motherfucking car!”

I looked at her. She looked at me. She was angry with me. I was beyond enraged with her.
Don’t, you ever do that again,” I told her in no uncertain terms.
“What, walk? Buy a coffee?” She pouted and looked out the window. Her mobile lit up and
buzzed. She looked over at me as she accepted the call. “Yes, I’m fine, Paul. I apologize for whatever that was, but no worries. Just a little lovers spat.” She actually smirked at me as she told that puffed up cocksucker I was having a bad day.
I wanted to rip the mobile out of her hands and throw it out the window, and I probably would
have if she had not turned it off and put it away in a pocket. “You know what I mean, Brynne, and don’t fucking mock me to him!”
“You embarrassed me back there, Ethan! Paul thinks you are—”
“I don’t give a maiden queen’s first fuck what that cocksucker thinks. What is he to you anyway?”

I had her and made her wait on me while I did it. She was locked inside the car and couldn’t go anywhere for the moment at least.

(she is angry after the fight)
“Fuck you!” she hissed, hair flying as she spun around and fled into the bedroom, slamming the door as she went in.
Fucking hell, she so needed a good shagging. I could think of a few things that would shut her up.You’d think after last night she would wake up soft and obliging like a sleepy kitten. No such luck. I had a spitting mad, feral cat on my hands.

That is so enraging for me it's beyond words. You have a fight with a girl, she's angry at you, and your thoughts are that SHE NEEDS A GOOD SHAGGING? Seriously? Just because she disagrees with you? So a woman has no right to go against you, to have her own opinion and every time she tries to make a point you DISMISS IT with a sexual comment? How am I supposed to have ANY respect for the male protagonist?

EDIT: As far as sex is concerned it's confusing. It's not exactly a full blown kinky porn. They do the same thing, same one position. Descriptions of the sexual act should be the saving grace of that book. They were not. Author had two choices to go about making it good:
a) kinkiness - there are some hints, that he's kinky, but nothing significant happens.
b) artful use of English language. Great metaphors, clever adjectives, imaginative comparisons. The most vanilla act can be made unbelievably erotic provided the skill of an author.

None of thous routs were taken. If you read for sex scenes ask your grandma. Maybe she had a 'wild' youth (as in did more than straight up missionary)