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I really dig dissecting things

Exploring J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Hobbit" - Corey Olsen

Give it a go! If you've never been a fan of The Hobbit, if you've never got what the fuss is all about or why I may scratch your eyes out when you say 'it's boring', give it a go! It's short and written in a very accessible way. I'm very, very fond of this book (which now proudly sits on my shelf). 



Something is wrong with me. Very wrong with me. I genuinely enjoy literally analyses more than books. Not always. But often. Like, how can you appreciate Jane Austin without giving it some thought and learning about particularities of the period? You can't. In short - I just love dissecting things. Breaking them into little pieces and attacking with a microscope. I pick at things. And poke them with sticks. And when those things break and fall apart? That's when the fun ensues! Gee, I wonder why nobody likes me XD


This book is great. Simple language, nice, logical structure. It also,rather virtuously, treats The Hobbit as a stand-alone work. Therefore, you will not be forced to go through pages upon pages of references to some obscure pieces of information mentioned in appendixes to appendixes at the back  of unfinished stories which didn't make it into SIlmarillion. Didn't make it anywhere. Napkin notes fished out of the trash and such.


Which could be fun, but I do genuinely believe The Hobbit is absolutely marvellous and often gets treated patronizingly. Unfairly so!  This is your chance to look at this book. Really look at it. Maybe you were forced to read it at school and didn't dig the concept of 'compulsory'? Maybe you've read it as a child, when you've had a totally different perspective? Maybe your brain is just so full of LOTR lore it short-circuted? Time for a reboot! Or you're dead to me! (I've never said I'll be nice about it, I don't think I could even if I've tried, even if I wanted to... My love, my love, my love... She keeps me waaaaaaarm)