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┼╗arna Niebios - Maja Lidia Kossakowska

Word count: about 100 000 words
Rating: A bit ADD

What is that? That, my friends, is a collection of disjointed stories scenes. Good stories. Well written stories. Set in a nicely designed world. But disjointed non the less.

What did I want? ANY cohesive narrative. I wasn't picky. I simply craved a solid, simple, one track story full of clichés and heavy with one dimensional characters and conversations. A good piece of uncomplicated fun. Naturally, in that case Kossakowska should never have been the choice in the first place. Her writing is always a delight, but she doesn't do conventional, repetitive, cardboard-cut-out stuff. Ever. It always has her own twist on it, with her quirks and word mastery to carry it out (you either like it or get bored. Or board, however you happen to swing. No judgement). However, usually there's some sort of a cohesive narrative to follow, even if it's not enough to satiate your taste. Not this time.

This time it jumps from one scene, to another. From one set of characters to another. From one timeline to another. And no, it doesn't go back and forth between them to build one story. Or even a few stories. There's no story to speak of. Just hints of it. Tantalizing glimpses that in the end frustrated me, as they left me begging for more. It's just not nice. Not nice at all to turn someone on like this and then live them with no release. Truthfully, infuriatingly frustrating is the words that best describes my feelings towards this book.

It's the first part of what ended up being a series. Once I gather my collective shit together I might give the rest a go. A friend told me about two years ago it's her favourite series by Kossakovska. Could she be wrong? (Yes, very wrong. Very often. But hey, I can be nice. Sometimes. It's time for benefit of the doubt!) For now it just left me hot and bothered. I don't like it. Don't like it one bit.


5 2