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Dreams of Gods & Monsters - Laini Taylor

Word count: 154 000 too many






What a wast of time.
Is it a good romance? No.
Is it a thrilling action-packed adventure? No.
Is it deep and philosophical? No.
Is the writing poetic and enchanting, so that you revel in each and every word? No.
Is it funny? No.
So what the actual fuck is it?

I’ll tell you what, it’s a pointless, repetitive, boring piece of shit. In the three books combined you (maybe) had enough of a story for one book. Maybe. Ms Tylor has an astonishing ability to spew out words that don't contribute in any way to the story. A talented writer can describe a banana on 5 pages an make it thrilling. Yup. That's not Tylor. So not Tylor.

It dragged. And, in the end, it was going absolutely nowhere.

The book had potential. It could have been awesome, which makes me even more frustrated with the way it’s written.

All the plots play out clumsily and nothing comes out of them. In fact, at the very end is when the books could really start. Such a promise of adventure! Of tension! So much at stake! For a moment I even thought that there would be more books to follow, I mean, that was the most enticing ending in the whole series. And what do we find?


I rest my case.

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