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Rating: Destined for oblivion (EDIT: it doesn't get better. Don't read this series)

Daughter of Smoke & Bone - Laini Taylor

What's the hype? I dunno.




Maybe that's because I haven't read much lately so I forgot how bad many currently published things are... Anw.

This book contained shitload (that's a technical term) of average/boring/stupid stuff I don't want in a book.

- Lousy romance (on pair with all the other magical-love/i-have-no-personality flicks)
- Flat main characters
- Stupid side-kick friends who have no point or charm
- And, above all, BORING

It was fucking boring. To death. Nothing happens. And then, oh god, we switch to a different storyline we don't give a single single fuck about. And that storyline is as flat and pointless as the main one was. Nope, even more so! Nothing happens. Nothing draws us in. Flat flatness of flatland flat.


Writing was decent, so that's nice.

Also, world building held such a promise! The magical side characters held so much potential! And all of that comes to nothing. Pity.

Could be decent, turned out to be utterly forgetful. I won't remember it in a week. If I wasn't trapped with this book during a flight/trip I would bounce away to do something more interesting. Like... stare at the sky! Wash the dishes! Call my annoying aunt! Go through old facebook photos of people I don't really know and have no idea why we're 'freinds'!

Don't hold your breath. It's just your average read passing through.

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